Brain Teasers: Part II (Final Update)

(1-22-08: Sorry for the delay in updating!)

Okay, all. Here come the next ten questions in my Brain Teaser Marathon! I’ll check your answers (com boxes, please) after I get the girls into bed tonight, and I’ll post any answers you missed tomorrow afternoon before basketball practice.

You all did a great job yesterday!! Gold stars all around!

  1. What gets higher as it falls? Snow
  2. How do you stop moles from digging in your garden? Hide their shovels!
  3. Why did the overweight actor fall through the theater floor? It was just a stage he was going through.
  4. What happened to the man who invented the silent alarm clock? He won a Nobel Prize.
  5. What’s the best known star with a tail? Micky Mouse
  6. How did an actor get his name up in lights in every theater in the country? He changed his name to EXIT.
  7. Where would you find a square ring? A boxing arena.
  8. What do you give a bald rabbit? A hare piece!
  9. How do you make a slow horse fast? Don’t feed him. (A good Catholic answer!)
  10. Why did Sam wear a pair of pants with three large holes? To get his feet in. (All pants have three large holes.)

I’ll give you one hint about today’s: many of these are puns and groaners rather than brain teasers. (I’m getting them from a book called Classic Lateral Thinking Puzzles, which I might pull other stuff from. For now, you’re stuck with these.)

Have fun!

Update (01-17-08, 10:20 a.m. EST): Stacey is on the right track with her answer for #8. It’s so close that she might get credit for the right answer. 🙂 Barb is on the right track with her answer for #5. (Think warm and sunny.) I’ll check back again later today, between laundry, taking down Christmas trees, and sledding.

4 thoughts on “Brain Teasers: Part II (Final Update)

  1. 1. Snow2. Don’t plant a garden!3. ??4. He overslept5. Lassie/Benji/Snoopy/Morris/Willy (the whale)6. ??7. Boxing match8. ??9. Don’t feed him.10. All pants have 3 large holes: waist and 2 feet.


  2. I agree with Barb on 2 – Don’t plant a garden. :)5. Mickey Mouse6. He changed his name to Sylvania (or General Electric — whatever the brand name is for theater lights)?8. Hare Spray?


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