Brain Teaser Time! (Final Updates)

Okay, I’ve got several of these. I’ll do one a day until they have all been completed. Answers in the com boxes, please. I’ll check after dinner to see who has gotten what right, and I’ll post answers as I see them. Answers for all ten will be posted tomorrow evening, and a new set of ten will follow.

  1. If a man bets you that he can bite his eye, should you take the bet? No. He’ll take his glass eye out of the socket and bite it.
  2. If he now bets you that he can bite his other eye, should you take that bet? No, he’ll take out his dentures and bit it.
  3. How can you stand behind someone while he stands behind you? Stand back-to-back.
  4. What looks like a horse, moves like a horse, and is as big as a horse, but weighs nothing? A horse’s shadow.
  5. Who is bigger: Mr. Bigger or Mr. Bigger’s son? Mr. Bigger’s son. No matter how big Mr. Bigger is, his son is always a little Bigger!
  6. Tom’s mother had three children. One was named April; one was named May. What was the third one named? Tom.
  7. Where could you go to see an ancient pyramid, an iceberg, and a huge waterfall? Egypt, Greenland, and Niagra Falls. Among other places. What? I never said it was all in one place!
  8. What has four fingers and a thumb but isn’t a hand? A glove.
  9. What multiplies by division? I’ll accept “a cell” as the answer. The one in my book said an amoeba, which is, according to this definition, a cell. But I suppose other cells also multiply by division.
  10. What’s white when it’s dirty and black when it’s clean? A chalkboard.

Remember, boys and girls, answers go in the comboxes. I’ll check and see how you’re doing after dinner. Have fun!

Update (7:42 p.m. EST): Wow! I barely had this thing up and I got two comments from Love2Learn Mom! You people are FAST! I’ll check back once the girls are in bed.

Update (9:29 p.m. EST): You ladies are very good at this game. We’ve only got one left: number 7. I’ll post the answer tomorrow if no one guesses, then I’ll post the next ten questions.

Update (5:40 p.m. EST, Wednesday, Jan. 16): The final answer is revealed above. I’ll post the next ten questions for you and check back after dinner.

7 thoughts on “Brain Teaser Time! (Final Updates)

  1. 1. Find out if the guy has dentures. If he does, don’t take the bet.2. See #1.3. Draw a circle on the ground. Each of you stand on it.4. A unicorn–it’s imaginary.5. Mr. Bigger’s son is a little bigger.6. Tom7. I have no idea8. A glove9. Cells10. A chalkboard


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