My Own Open House for Christmas

Due to my illness, I hadn’t been able to put up the decoration pictures, so here are a few that I wanted to share. Explanations are below each picture.
My Nativity, which I hope to replace with a new starter set from Fontanini next year.

Stocking hangers – in bad need of a polish!

A room divider that we put our cards on each year. It’s actually two bi-fold door sets that Soccer Dad connected with hinges. I never did put any stain on them, but they are very nice, and give some privacy when we have guests who might stay on our hide-a-bed couches in that area downstairs that is usually for school.

Upstairs in the living room. There are lights on that tree, but I have to find an extension cord for it. The book is Christmas stories, including “A Christmas Carol.”

Next to the loveseat, there is the box with the “First Gift of Christmas” (a reference to The Polar Express, one of my favorite Santa stories). The boot was Soccer Dad’s from childhood. The garland has multi-colored lights that blink on and off.

The girls arranged their Nativity just so under a small star-shaped ornament.

The whole tree, and (below) the rest of the decorations, as they fell in place.

This tiny Santa and tree sit amongst various fancy drink-glasses from Benihana in Cherry Hill. Looks strange, doesn’t it? Kind of like odd snowmen.

I surrounded the school-room clock with a wreath Little Girl made in 2004. Her hands were so tiny then! She loves to put her hand over old prints and cut-outs of her hand from years ago.

This tree was my parents’ tree from the time when I was a little girl until I was married, when they got a new tree and I inherited this one. This will likely be our last year with what I lovingly call my Charlie Brown tree, which tends to look very sad and pathetic until it is decorated. I plan on donating it to the Madonna House, and if they cannot use it, I’m sure they’ll find someone who can. Santa had already been to our house by this time, and our gifts are under the tree. I have to say, though, that the best gift (aside from Jesus, who turned out to be under the tree, anyway) was that I was home for Christmas. Below are some pictures I took without a flash so we could enjoy the lovely lights.

Finally, I wanted to share this. Big Girl’s CCD teacher gave each child a present for Christmas, and they were to open it last on Christmas Day. “It’s blessed,” she told them. On the tag, she said that this was the best Christmas present. You can see below what Big Girl got from her.

Have a blessed Christmas!

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