Light Blogging

This week, aside from the Jesse Tree readings, I will likely be very light in the blogging department. I’ve got to get my Christmas letters out, decorations up, cookies baked. (I am supplying Soccer Dad’s office with a large tray of cookies on Thursday, as well as his Bible study class that night, and our family is running low because I keep giving cookies away.) I also am VERY behind on laundry and the floors are … ick.

Strange how a bout of depression can really take a toll on everything you are supposed to be doing.

Oh, I’ve also been remiss in posting the Catholic Carnivals recently. Please stop by the blog if you haven’t read them lately and check the widget on the sidebar for the proper links. I think I might have even deleted those emails from Jay in that bout. (Sorry, Jay!)

I do want to post pictures of our Christmas decorations, though, when I’m finished. I don’t decorate for all the holidays (I know some people who do), but at Christmas, I go all-out. I like the homey feel of our house at that time of year. It’s part of what has inspired me to start doing other small things – like using candles and little splashes of color here and there – all year long.


I thought I’d add that when I say “I go all-out” I mean that I do so with lights, garlands, trees, candles, etc. No giant blow-up Santas, no plastic light-up Nativities, not even an angel on the roof. I will admit to being very tempted to get a small outdoor tree to light and place on our deck, in an empty and kind of useless space near our front door.

I also dream of having one of those big Nativities that Sam’s has – the resin ones – to have outdoors with spotlights on it and a home-made creche. Lovely. 🙂

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