Love Story

Ask Sister Mary Martha often has funny answers to questions, or cute observations on faith that make me laugh. Today, she has a post that will likely have you reaching for the tissues.

A guest poster discusses love, marriage, service, and sacrifice. I can’t add anything to it. But I will give you a taste to help you feel motivated to go read it, even if you’re not a Sister Mary Martha fan.

Alexa said…

I’m almost afraid to post a comment because I get shot down so often when I do — but usually it’s because I don’t word my comments very well.

This post hit home to me though – I’ve mentioned (I think) my late husband who died at the age of 37. I was 36 when he died. We’d been married for almost 14 years. He had rapid, chronic multiple sclerosis and by the time he died he had been bedridden, incontinent, blind, catheterized, colostomy, feeding tube in this stomach, could only move one arm – and that wiggled all over the place, he was blind and his legs could no longer straighten out.

He had his first seizure on our honeymoon in Orlando, Fla. due to the heat we think. …

Read the rest, print it off, save it for your children to read when they’re old enough to marry. Because more people need to understand that love – especially marital love – is a decision, not a feeling.

(And I tell you what, this is moving to me on a whole different level because there but for the grace of God go I. When I was 36 and my husband was 37, we were getting ready to celebrate our 13th year of marriage. I thank God for every day that I have that man in my life. He’s an amazing blessing to me and to our children.)

One thought on “Love Story

  1. Hi Christine – I just found out today that you’ve linked to the post Sr. Mary Martha made with my comment. I appreciate the nice things you’ve said about it. Thank you.I had no idea that writing it would have touched so many people! Still! George has been gone for 15 years now…it would have been our 28th anniversary this past December 22nd too – and well, life is amazing, ain’t it??May God bless you abundantly.I’m adding you to my blogroll!Alexa


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