Playing with the Template (Again)

Soccer Dad is getting a new blog ready (he’ll announce that later), and I created a header for him. It turned out so nicely that I thought I’d make a new one for this blog, too.

If you can, come on over to the blog (if you’re reading on Bloglines or some such service) and let me know what you think.


3 thoughts on “Playing with the Template (Again)

  1. Thanks, ladies!I took some pictures in Picasa (from Google) and created a collage with them. Then I saved the collage, pulled it into an old PrintShop program and added the words. Saved again as a JPG file. Then I pulled it into my scanner’s program to crop it down to a reasonable size. When you go to your template in the new Blogger, you can have your header be a picture instead of the header and description on file. (They are still there, just not displayed.) I uploaded the picture, played with the HTML template so the border was smaller, and VOILA! Wait ’til you see Nathan’s blog header. His is much better than this one.BTW, the tiara was from our parish’s New Year’s Eve party (held annually after the vigil Mass for the Holy Day). You should see some of the goofy pictures of Nate with his hat on. 😉 But that is one of the pictures I have seen of myself where I say, “Wow. I look pretty good there.” Or at least not bad. LOL!Personally, I’m fond of the newborn pictures of the girls and the one of Nathan hugging Big Girl.


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