What a Pain in the Neck!

I first want to thank everyone who sent up a prayer for me last week. I was in pretty bad shape on Friday, and the doctor must have felt really badly for me because he got the massage therapist to give me a free 15 minute rub-down before I left the office. It’s strange because everything was very dream-like. I literally could not turn my head but a couple of degrees in either direction, couldn’t tip it back at all, and had trouble even tilting down any. Eating was painful, as I couldn’t get my mouth open much and even swallowing hurt. (Did you know you used muscles on the outside of your neck for that??)

The doctor prescribed Torodol and Skelaxin (which I kept calling Skelegrow) for the pain and to relax my muscles, respectively. The pharmacist said to be sure to eat first because the Torodol can make you sick if you don’t. So I ate as much as I could (not much) and learned that even three hours later, you can still be negatively affected by that stuff. (ugh)

Thank God Soccer Dad was home again! But poor guy: I got to the airport just as he was leaving baggage claim, put the car in park, walked to the other side of the car and said, “Don’t kiss me, don’t hug the girls. Get in and get me home before I throw up!”

We were home for about 90 seconds before I did so.

WELCOME HOME! Aren’t you glad to be here after two weeks away??

I made sure to eat a BIG breakfast (3 pieces of French Toast) before I took the Torodol again, and by Saturday night – a long Saturday without a BBQ or birthday party – I was feeling better, though I still hogged the recliner and used a heating pad on my neck. But I was able to sleep in my own bed Friday and Saturday, even if I had to wake up completely every time I rolled over just so I’d be directly on my side with the pillows just so. I was woozy Sunday, and every time I closed my eyes at Mass to pray, I nearly fell asleep. (CCD was fun like that. It’s a good thing I felt inspired to plan three weeks at once!)

By last night (Sunday), I was feeling MUCH better, though I admit that cheering during the UCF/Southern Miss game hurt my neck a bit. And today, I feel almost completely normal, save for one spot on my sternocleidomastoid that I strained while squeezing water out of my hair on Saturday morning. I can turn almost normally, and I can even tilt my head back pretty well!

Thank You, God, for helping me! Thank you, readers, for praying for me! Thank you, Soccer Dad, for taking such good care of me all weekend!

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