Watching Shows with Younger Siblings

Big Girl and Little Girl are watching a show I recorded off EWTN called “We Are Catholic.” It’s Italian, I think, and very, very elementary. Big Girl only recentely stopped liking it because the sound isn’t quite synched with the video, due to the dubbing. But Little Girl still likes it, and about halfway through the program, Big Girl stopped it and got ready to erase it from the DVR.

“I don’t like this show, so I’m getting rid of it.”

“Wait!” I called. I looked at Little Girl, who was sitting kind of passively on the couch near her sister. “Little Girl, do you still like this show? Did you want to watch the whole thing?”


“Okay, then; Big Girl, you let her watch it, but before you do, I want to tell you a quick story.”

I told them about how when I was about 9, my little sister was still into Sesame Street. I hated it. But I watched it with her because she really liked it a lot. The only thing I looked forward to was the pinball machine cartoons.

Well, naturally, the girls don’t know what I’m talking about, so I looked it up and showed them this:

Right now, Big Girl (who was unimpressed with that low-quality counting cartoon with the strange music from ages ago) is doing a crossword puzzle while Little Girl finishes the show.

But I’m going to go wash the bathroom floor before dinner while humming that catchy tune.

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