Girls’ Day Out, Mammograms, and Planned Parenthood

I’m signed up for Yahoo Alerts, which pop up on my screen from time-to-time. Today, I got this doozy:

Girls Day in Decatur DECATUR
A whole group of girls took the afternoon off for some much needed pampering and most importantly a free health check up. The day was put on by DMH, Planned Parenthood and the Decatur Housing Authority. It focused on women who may not be able to afford health screenings or beauty days. …

It ends there, but the irony of the event continues at the link (above the story):

…The ladies grabbed on to gift bags but say it was about rallying the girls together to fight breast cancer.

“Most of all we are celebrating the fact that everyone should get signed up for your mammogram if you haven’t already had yours i had mine yesterday so I’m just pushing the others in,” said party goer, Barbara Smith.

Some of the women there said they don’t have doctors so this was a great way to make a not so fun visit for a mammogram into a fun day with the girls.

Okay, where to begin?

First, it’s a real shame that so few people realize the pro-abortion agenda of Planned Parenthood. I talked to a mother once who was genuinely surprised that when her teenaged daughter went there after discovering she was pregnant, the girl wound up being councelled to get an abortion (and had an appointment, to boot). Our parish was able to help her daughter get a few of the baby items she needed, as well as point her in the right direction so she can get further help now that the baby – a boy – has been born.

Second, the fact that numerous studies are ignored that link abortion and the Pill to breast cancer is just another reason I think Planned Parenthood has no place in a “health day for women and girls.” (Especially since they would be oh-so-keen on giving out birth control to or performing abortions on my popsies without my consent or knowledge.)

Third, I feel NO sympathy for “women who may not be able to afford … beauty days.” I’m so sorry, but I can’t afford beauty days, either. (Not that I’m particularly interested in a “day of beauty,” but I do miss my pink-and-white manicures from days gone by.) What kind of stupid thing is THAT to add into this idea?

Don’t get me wrong. Women need to get check-ups (“the annual,” as I call it) and mamograms, and I’m all for assisting women who need them. However, Planned Parenthood probably helps to cause a lot of breast cancer (80% is not hereditary, and a recent study shows that women who use birth control have a much higher risk, as well as women who have experienced abortions). And they get away scott-free with what they do by manipulating language (“choice” not “abortion”, “product of conception” not “baby”, etc.) and just plain lying.

Also…we aren’t even talking about girls here. It was for women. (I got that after reading it again.) In a press release, you can’t be too careful with your language. Saying that it’s for “girls” in the headline is different than saying it was a “girls’ day out.” Sloppy. Very sloppy. Of course, with that last grammatical nightmare of a sentence, it’s not too surprising. (Honestly, I don’t have a degree in journalism, but I’m positive I can do better than that. If only I could get a job writing from here, in between school lessons.)

2 thoughts on “Girls’ Day Out, Mammograms, and Planned Parenthood

  1. chicklette,I didn’t mean to imply that it’s the only cause for breast cancer, but there is a strong correlation between the two. I am very, very sorry about your grandmother.I’m not sure if my grandmother ever had hormone replacement after her (medically necessary) hysterectomy, but she also died from metastesized breast cancer. My point here is more that Planned Parenthood encourages behavior that puts a woman at more risk to breast cancer (abortion and birth control), and that only 20% of breast cancer is a hereditary form. I definitely did not want to say that all women who have breast cancer have it because of these factors. But as for me, I’ve got the double whammy of possible hereditary problems (cancer on both sides of my family, and not just breast) as well as the Pill, which I did not know the full workings of when I took it. (Finding out that the Pill causes abortions was devestating to me. I threw them away immediately and announced to Soccer Dad that we would be taking the next NFP class available.)


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