Photography Bleg

Dad gave me his old camera (Thanks, Dad!!), and I am thrilled. Bought the battery for the F-stop. Installed. Got ready to change rolls of film and can’t get the back open. (Will ask Dad for instructions on that.)

But, here’s my bigger problem. I have no owner’s manual for this camera, and I can’t get one from Minolta (or KonicaMinolta) because they don’t do that any more. Imagine! KonicaMinolta doesn’t do cameras!!

Anyway, my bleg for the day is this:

Please let me know if you know of anywhere I can access a .pdf file or anything of the sort that gives me some semblance of an owner’s manual. I just would like to learn a bit more about using a manual camera, especially since the last time I used this one was probably about 14 years ago.

Many, many thanks!

One thought on “Photography Bleg

  1. I don’t have an owner’s manual for your camera but all basic SLRs work the same. Actually I own a basic Pentax and a “slightly more than basic but I only know how to work the basic” Minolta. I’ve also taken a photography class. So ask away!To open it, hold the camera with its back to you. On the left there is that dial with a little handle in the middle that will pop up if you fiddle with it. Pop it up, and then give it a little pull. The back of the camera should pop open.Email me if you need more help 🙂


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