Ties in Nicely

I got an e-mail today from my oldest friend’s parents. (Sarah isn’t old, but we’ve known each other since the seventh grade.)

She married late – only two years ago next month – and she and her husband immediately started trying to have a baby. Soccer Dad and I put them on our intentions list, specifically praying for them during Mass when we remembered those who are sick because that seemed the best time to ask for this intention. She and I are only five days apart in age – and we both turned 37 this year.

So, the e-mail.

My friend and her husband welcomed their daughter into the world this morning! Sarah is recovering from her C-section and the baby is fine.

And so that brings me to another Sarah I know – though only via the internet – who is also getting ready to welcome a new baby into her family. Online Sarah is hosting her final pre-second-baby Catholic Carnival, and she has themed it around a Celebration of Life.

While you check out the Catholic Carnival that Online Sarah put together, please keep both Sarahs in your prayers. (And the fathers and babies, too. Especially the fathers, since no one seems to pay much attention to them in all the newborn excitement.)

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