The Anti Vick

Living here in southwest Virginia means having to listen to Michael Vick praise and worship (rising above his background, taking Virginia Tech to a national chamionship game, darling of the NFL, etc.) – up until a few months ago. With the announcement today that he tested positive for marijuana, he has fallen out of even the most ardent fan’s favor.

I read and hear so many stories of athletes who embody so many of the evils that beset us that it is easy to forget that there are some athletes that live out their faith.

That’s why this Q & A with Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers made my day:
First of all, I’m a Christian so my prayer life really comes first. Second of all, I’m a husband so my wife comes before anything else. If I have time to do anything else after that, I do it, but I don’t sacrifice any time with her. ” For the full article, click here.

Nice to hear that a man who can do this to opposing players puts God and family above his profession (he’s the one with all the hair flying around).

One thought on “The Anti Vick

  1. It is good to see a sports figure who will stand up for what is good and right.But what’s with the HAIR? Aren’t these guys worried that someone will yank on it and snap their necks backward during a tackle? Notre Dame has at least one player with long dreadlocks too. It can’t be safe.


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