Thank you for the gift!

I knew the moment the video started that my sweetie had found the “Indestructo Steel Ball” clip. That is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Wile E. Coyote clip! Why – because it never ends. He will be stuck in that same ball, landing in the same river, going over the same dam and getting hit by the next train on the schedule (the train always comes at the absolute worst time for Wile.)

I think that besides the outrageousness of what he builds to catch one scrawny road runner, I enjoy the way the laws of physics mainly work against him. The flat rock flips over and is suspended in mid air… does he just walk away and look for another method? NO!!!! He pokes, prods and then JUMPS on the suspended rock. You have got to love the fact that he gets so hung up in why his latest scheme didn’t work that he pushes everything else out of his mind until he figures out what went wrong. Usually resulting in pain.

Admittedly, he brings some of this on himself. If you constructed a 2000 foot vertical drop railway, I don’t think you would need a rocket to get up to speed. Gravity would pretty much do the grunt work for you. If you want Newton’s formula for gravitation, you can click here.

Well, I’m off to watch a little Monday Night Football. Have I told you that I LOVE football season?

One thought on “Thank you for the gift!

  1. I knew you’d like it, honey. I searched for it specifically today so I could put it up for you. I never thought about how obsessive Wile is about why things don’t work. I guess we’re all like that, in a way. At least, I hope we all are, because I know for sure that I am. Just keep picking at it until it all blows up in your face. (My face?)I nearly forgot about Monday Night Football! How could I??? Gotta grab a beer and join you. Watching apart and together at the same time. 🙂


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