Christ is Present in the Storm

I wrote last week that I’d been feeling overwhelmed. I just know a lot of people who are going through very difficult times, and it weighs heavily on my mind, especially when I know I can’t do much but pray and let God handle the rest.
Friday I had a revelation that gave me great comfort.
Each week, usually on Fridays, my husband and I sit with our girls and say a Rosary together. We begin by reading the list of intentions that our homeschool co-op has asked for prayers about, as well as our own intentions, and when we are finished, we read a litany of saints that include patrons for the various intentions on the co-op list. (I put the intentions list together and link to this site, which is where I learn which saints are patrons for which causes.) This week during the Rosary, I concentrated very hard on certain intentions, especially my friend who is now in danger of losing her family and for our friends who are mourning the loss of their unborn son.
Once again, I got an image in my mind of being in a small rowboat that is being pounded time and again by huge waves in a storming sea. I mentally cried out to Jesus, thinking of the woman with the hemorrhage that was healed by touching the hem of His robes. I mentally grabbed the hem of His robe and hung on tight, eyes closed.
Suddenly, I remembered another boat that was tossed in a storm on the sea. And how the men in the boat were certain that Jesus wasn’t paying attention to them; they were frightened and woke Him up, crying out, “Master, doth it not concern Thee that we perish?” Wasn’t I asking the same thing? Wasn’t I crying out to God, “Master, does it not concern You that my friends suffer so greatly?”

And just then, I knew that God, in His own time, would settle things. Peace would come when the Master is ready to declare it, just as He declared it on that boat. When He is ready, Jesus will say to my friends and family, “Peace. Be still.”
And it will be so.

What I find interesting about this is that the mere knowledge that He will do this for them at some time gives me incredible comfort. It isn’t done now, and I don’t know when He will choose to do so, but I know that His peace and comfort will come to those who need it.

And just knowing that is what gives me strength and helps me to continue to pray for them all.
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2 thoughts on “Christ is Present in the Storm

  1. Christine, If you have any idea where to get a copy of that picture of the women reaching for the hem of Jesus’s garment that I could put up in my home, I would appreciate it. I really don’t even care how much it costs.


  2. Sigh. I went and looked at your image source…it doesn’t look promising for finding this as a print. But I am the “Queen Shopper” and the Queen does not back down from a challenge!!


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