This Weekend’s Update

I heard from my uncle again over the weekend, and I am dutifully passing on his update on my aunt. Thank you (again and again and again and again) for your prayers.

Howdy, all.

Greetings from Texas. Things continue to go well for B*****. Occupational and physical therapy are hard, but it’s a “good” hard because it’s time well spent. Her control of her arm continues to improve and a couple of days ago she managed to kick her physical therapist. The leg that was dormant is now becoming a dangerous weapon, it seems. She also told me that she’s wiggled her large toe, once, and that when she first wakes up she can stretch her leg and flex her ankle. As she gets tired, some of that control goes away but it’s definitely coming back.

Her therapist asked her what her goal was re. in-patient therapy and she said she wanted to walk out of the place – she doesn’t want to go back home in a wheelchair. I am not betting against her. The physical therapists love it when someone has that attitude. As far as her arm is concerned, she’s pointing toward being able to hold our grandson, who should be born in just a little over a month from now.

In case I’ve not mentioned it, her “normal” schedule starts at 0700 for breakfast. Then Occupational Therapy runs from 0800-0900, followed by Physical Therapy from 1000-1100.

She receives a couple of chemo pills around mid-morning and then heads to the Cancer Center around 1100 for her radiation therapy. Back to the Rehab Center by noon for lunch, after which they let her rest until 2PM when she has therapy in the pool for an hour. Walking, deep knee bends, and lunges, mainly to work the legs and improve balance. Then it’s back to her room for a shower and a short break until dinner at 5PM.

All this, plus occasionally being awakened in the middle of night by nurses, leaves her pretty tired in the evening. I’d thought she’d be “good” until around 9PM or so for calls, but some days she just wants to take a nap when dinner is finished. If you’ve tried to call and been unsuccessful in getting through it’s probably because she’s recharging her batteries after an active day. One thing that really puts a smile on her face is to get cards, esp. those that are sent directly to the rehab center. She’s going to be here at least through next week, so any cards you could send would brighten both her day and her room.

Her address:


As for the rest of us, we’re still enjoying the very generous gift from St. ******* Catholic School that has K***** and C***** as two of the most recent high school’ers. Classes started this past Wednesday, and along with academics the boys are diving into other activities. Football for C***** (#55 on the varsity team), and band and cross country for K*****. We’re still working out the uniform requirements and the guys are learning the ropes, day by day.

There’s not much to report for R***** and S***** [ed: oldest son, the Marine, whose wife is expecting]. They’re doing fine. K***** [ed: S*****’s wife] had a doctor visit this past week, including an ultrasound, and everything looks great on that front.

Tomorrow (Sunday) will be spent partly at home. Sunday is a “rest day” for people in rehab, and B***** likes to rest up at home. If she feels up to it, we may first go to Mass. I predict she’ll take advantage of the Church’s long-standing policy of allowing women to wear hats. I don’t know whish one it will be, but I doubt it’ll be the USMC “boonie cover” that S***** gave her. Once we get home, she’ll be the dogs’ center of attention. Once that wears off she’ll probably enjoy a nice nap or two on the couch or maybe even in her own bed. It’s still a little to warm here to spend much time sitting on the porch, so that activity will have to wait for a cold front to swing through town.

In closing, thanks so much for all your prayers and kind thoughts. It is very motivating and uplifting to know that so many people are praying for B*****’s recovery from cancer and for her continued physical rehabilitation. Some days are tougher than others and those prayers count in more ways than you can imagine. We know that God hears them. While praying for B*****, I also pray for all of you. It’s a prayer of thanks.

Take care – B***** and the gang

Again, I’ll be pointing my aunt and uncle to this page, so if you’d like to leave any well-wishes for them, I’m sure they will see them and appreciate it.

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