"The Rabbits Rush Around the Brush…"

I spoke to my mother today, and she said that she had the opportunity to talk with my aunt on the phone yesterday. Uncle (Aunt) B****** said that she loves the blog posts I’ve put up, and I am very glad that she does. I’m also still very, very grateful for all the prayers that everyone has been saying for our family. We do still need them, but my uncle’s most recent update did have some very good news at the end.

Without further ado, I give you the weekend update from Texas:

Howdy, all.

Greetings from the St. ****** Rehab Center. Today’s report:

B****** is doing well. She’s had three radiation treatments (performed M-F) and four chemo treatments (pills, 7 days/week). She’s tired, but there’s no way to determine whether that’s from the cancer treatment or from the rehab.

Rehab continues to go well. She’ll be here at least through the coming week, putting in three 1-hour therapy sessions each day except Sunday. She’s getting more control over her left arm and hand, and her leg is getting a bit more responsive, too. She is not able to walk on her own yet, but she’s way ahead of where she was just a week ago. Physical rehab includes “pool time”, and she must be dizzy from walking in circles in the pool for an hour. I told her (and the two rehab people who were assisting her) that they were going to be great NASCAR fans, since they kept going in circles, counter-clockwise. B****** was not amused. [ed: I think that’s hysterical!!]

I’m sure that we have tons of stories to share, but here’s one that ended our week on an absolutely uplifting note:

Our youngest son, C*****, needs 1/2 of a semester in Latin to complete the state’s two year language requirement. This past January, following our move, we enrolled him in a good school, but one that does not offer Latin. B****** had arranged for C***** to take the Latin course through a state university’s distance learning program, but she thought it would proceed better if there was a Latin tutor available who might be able to offer some assistance.

On Wednesday, B****** was visited by our parish Monsignor during therapy and she asked him if he knew anyone who might be able to help. He suggested contacting our parish (St. *******) high school’s Latin teacher. Yesterday (Friday) B****** encouraged me to take a break from the rehab facility and so I left for a while to take care of a few of the many tasks that have been accumulating over the past 3+ weeks. Among other things, I visited St. ******* High School and asked if I could talk to the Latin teacher. I was told that she was out all day, involved in “in service” training in preparation for the upcoming semester, and that she’d call me if I left a number.

Well, that had me stumped for a few seconds because I wasn’t sure just where I’d be. I explained this to the woman in the office and gave her minimal background on our recent situation. Timing is always amazing, and in our case B****** developed her neurological symptoms the day before she was supposed to start working on campus. A major motivation for her job search was to allow us to put the boys in St. ******* H.S. – tuition for two students adds up. I explained that we had no idea what the financial “hit” was going to be for B******’s medical and rehab services, but that we assumed that it would be a whopper. So, we were just interested in helping C***** complete the second part of Latin II. The woman asked what grades my sons were entering (9th and 12th), and said that the Latin teacher would give me a call at home.

So, a couple of hours later I answered the phone at home, while washing pots, pans, etc. It was from a man at the school who said he’d heard that I’d been looking for the Latin teacher. I gave him a somewhat longer version of the saga than I’d given the woman in the office, and when I was finished he said, “Well, we can work on the Latin course but I’ve been authorized to offer your sons admission to school on a tuition-free basis. We think it’s important for them to be surrounded by people of faith at a time like this”.

What a wonderful, unexpected surprise. You can imagine how touched we were by this offer. We know that God is looking out for us, and He’s looking out for our boys. The gift we received from St. ******* H.S. was much greater than tuition, because it reminded us of how much care and love surround us.

And on that note, say your prayers, hug and kiss your family and friends, and work at being part of God’s unlimited care and love.

Love, B****** and the gang

This was such a fantastic note to get! I’m so excited for my cousins! Oh, and I also cannot believe that they are getting so old!! I mean, what is THAT about? How can they all get older, start getting married, go to college, etc. (remember that there are two older brothers for the two in the parochial school)…I’m not getting any older.

Anyway, thanks once again for the prayers! God bless you all! (Please remember to ask John Paul II for his intercessions, as well.)

Good night, all!


One thought on “"The Rabbits Rush Around the Brush…"

  1. Christine, I had tears in my eyes reading this! How wonderful for the school to do this for your cousins. THAT is what Catholic school should always be about.With continued prayers for blessings upon your family.


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