News from Deep in the Heart of Texas!

I got a new email from my uncle with an update on my aunt-who-is-an-uncle. I realized that it is probably a bit confusing that they are both “Uncle B******”! Oh, well! Sorry. 😉 I’ll post his update, and I am going to make a new category for all of the posts about my aunt. I’ll call it “updates on aunt.” (Original, huh?) All posts about her will be put into this category, as well as the “prayer request” category. I wanted a separate one, though, in case my family wanted to see any well-wishes at the various posts. Those of you who have been praying for our family are so appreciated, and I know that if my family sees your comments, it will further lift them up.

Thank you for praying for us, and please continue to keep us in your prayers. Please especially remember my grandmother, as well, as she is struggling with this entire situation and needs our prayers, as well.

8-15 update:

Greetings from the St. ******** Rehab Center…

Things went well today. Lots of therapy – showering, dressing, walking (pseudo walking, in that a therapist assists with the left foot/leg), and time on a recumbent exercise bike. B******** raised her left leg at the knee for the therapist today, which was a first (having done it this past Saturday night just before bed time). She also had a good hour in the pool, most of which was spent strolling with the aid of a walker or a couple of therapists. She worked hard and is appropriately worn out.

She also started cancer treatment today, a combination of radiation (x-ray) and chemotherapy. Her chemo is via a pill and is supposedly “well tolerated”. A side effect can be slight nausea but she has a prescription for medication should that develop. So far so good, so I consider today to be another “major step” day toward her healing, just as the surgery day was. Of course, every day that people are praying for her counts as a “major step day” but surgery and the initiation of cancer treatment are easy to write on the calendar.

We’re planning on a great Thanksgiving in a few months.

Y’all take care. Keep those prayers coming and hug and kiss one another.

Love, B****** and the gang


3 thoughts on “News from Deep in the Heart of Texas!

  1. The above comment has been deleted from this thread because it has absolutely nothing to do with this post and has no place here. I will give it its own thread shortly. (Have no fear Kevin, I have saved your hateful diatribe.)I do not wish to have such vile comments here, in a post that I have put up to update people on the state of my aunt’s health, where my family can read them. To put it here to begin with shows your utter lack of consideration. Fortunately for me, I’ve got other things I must tend to today and I will have the chance to reflect more on your comment before I respond; I’d hate to respond with undue anger and without proper logical thought.I apologize to my family if they read this post and found Kevin’s comment before I had a chance to delete it. Normally, people are rather civil to me, even if they disagree with something I’ve said.


  2. Sorry, Jackie! I thought there would be a place-holder for that comment! YOURS is not the offensive comment. The post I put up this afternoon (before the Evan Almighty post) deals with the offensive comment.Sorry for any misunderstanding! You are a very good friend!


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