Important Prayer Request!!!

My father’s sister awoke today with some serious problems – i.e. shaking in her leg that she couldn’t control or stop – and was rushed to the hospital by her husband.

She has a brain tumor.

Tomorrow morning, at 7:30 a.m. EDT – 8:30 her time – she will be undergoing surgery. Please pray for her and for her surgeon, that God’s mighty hand might guide him and that she will be blessed with a healthy recovery. She is only 53 (this December) and still has three children living at home and her first grandchild on the way.

Saint Peregrine Laziosi, ora pro nobis!

Saint Luke the Apostle, ora pro nobis!

Saint Pantaleon, whose feast day is tomorrow, ora pro nobis!

(I find it wonderful that tomorrow’s saint of the day is a doctor who donated his services.)


Almighty God,
you know my inmost being,
the secrets of my body and soul.
Fill my heart with trust,
even as I fear,
and bless the surgeons and nurses
and all who work to help and care.
Be near, gently sustaining me,
and supporting them in their skills.


[prayer source]

Our Father…

Hail Mary…

Glory be to the Father…

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Important Prayer Request!!!

  1. What a terrible shock for all your family – but isn’t it great that she was diagnosed and is getting treatment so quickly? I’ll be praying for her and for your family tomorrow.


  2. Yes, the doctors said that they believe they caught it early enough to assure a good recovery, but it is still scary, and she will be going under general anesthesia, etc. I’ll be headed to Mass tomorrow, which happens to be at 8:30 EDT at a local parish, so the girls and I can concentrate on praying specifically for her. I’ll update when I know more tomorrow. Thanks again, anyone reading this, for your prayers.


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