Sports Update

This season has been absolutely amazing for Big Girl’s soccer team. This makes her fourth season playing for this coach with the same core of kids on the team. I really like the league she plays in for several reasons. First, it’s all homeschoolers, so attitudes are terrific. I am talking about parents here, by the way. 😉 Secondly, they are definitely a Christian organization (though you don’t have to be one to play). So the atmosphere is relaxed. One practice per week, one game day per week. (In our area, this is unusual. Sports for your kids is like a cult or something here. RIGHT NOW there are advertisements all over for Fall Sports registrations!!! Peewee football – we are talking third graders – practice five nights per week, two hours per night. It is absolutely ridiculous.) Everyone does get a trophy of some kind at the end of the season. However, another thing I really like is that they are still competitive. We keep score, we have playoff games, and we have a champion team in each of the age categories. And the champion teams get special trophies because they did something great.

Big Girl’s team has been working very hard over the last couple of years. Her first season, her team did not even score a goal. Their coach – Wondercoach – cheered them on and encouraged them and helped them to work on (and sometimes even just learn) the basics.

Season number two brought about an amazing thing: one of the children on the team SCORED! By the way the parents were screaming on the sidelines, you’d have thought they had just won the championship game! We did not win that game, either, though, and went through another winless season. But you’d never know it by the way Wondercoach worked with them and talked to them all season.

Season number three was the best yet. First game, we scored two goals and actually won it! Again, out of control parents cheering on the sidelines. Well, out of control in a good way, you know. We really love the kids on the other teams, and most of Big Girl’s friends are playing on other teams. They usually hug or something before and after the games. Later in the season, the kids make another goal, but do not win again. Once again, Wondercoach had nothing but praises to sing about each of the children as she handed out the trophies at the awards banquet.

And now comes season four. This current season. First game, they score two goals and win!
Second game, they score one goal and tie. Third game, final score is 1-0 – and they WIN AGAIN! Game four, they score three goals and shut out the other team! The next week, they lose their first game 0-1. Undaunted by this, they go on the following week – their very first playoff game with this core of children – and win 2-0!!!

So guess what, everyone?

Tomorrow night Big Girl’s soccer team is playing in the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!

Hubby and I are so proud of all of the children on the team. He even said that if they win tomorrow night, he’ll probably cry. And, can I tell you a secret? Don’t tell the kids on the team!

When he was at a conference this past week, there was someone there with these lime green bracelets that say “I’M REMARKABLE!” on them. You know, those little jelly bracelets?

Big Girl’s team color is lime green.

Hubby got 12 bracelets – one for each child on the team – because they have had such a remarkable season. When he told me about it in an email, I started to cry.

Big Girl and her team have not lost hope once, and their attitude has always been one of extreme optimism. “We’ll win next time!” has been their motto.

And this year, they just might win it all.

If you hear screaming and cheering tomorrow around 6:30 or so, Eastern Time, it’s because Big Girl and her team won the championship game.

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