Gather ‘Round, Everyone! (update #2 at bottom)

It’s Game Time here at St. Blog’s Parish Hall!

On my trip to South Dakota and Kansas, I saw lots of churches. I’ll put pictures below and label them. You tell me which ones are Catholic. The winner gets a prize, which will likely be nothing more than an “attaboy” and a pat on the back. That and $1.50 might get you a cup of coffee.

We’ll call this one Church A:

Here is Church B:

Here is Church C:

Now for Church D:

And, finally, Church E, which is not a close-up. (Sorry.) But you can see this one clear from Nebraska!

Which ones are Catholic? (There is more than one Catholic Church there; I promise!) Leave your guesses in the com boxes.

UPDATE: Hey, all. I know there are only, like, two of you, but you can try, right? I’ll give you another hint. The last picture is of the chapel at Mount Marty College in South Dakota. Catholic. And the upstairs church is STUNNING.

UPDATE #2: Barb played along, and she gets a big attaboy! The “swing church” was, indeed, a Catholic one. It was quite beautiful, and we attended on a Sunday when First Communion was happening. The priest gave a beautiful homily in which he reminded us all that we should all be in wonder and awe at the Eucharist each and every time we receive it, just like our first time. He reminded us, too, that the Sacrifice upon the altar is the same Sacrifice as was on Calvary, re-presented and unbloody, given back to the Father for our sins. I wish I had a transcript. Father told us after Mass that he never writes his homilies down and was never sure if they ever made sense to people. I thanked him for it and made sure he knew it made perfect sense and was FANTASTIC! (I also asked Hubby if he thought it would be a sin to kidnap a priest and bring him home with us. Hubby said that wouldn’t be a nice homecoming for our pastor, who returned from his Sabattical the same night we returned from our trip.)

So, let’s see if we can fill these in:

A) Catholic (link here leads to their parish site)

B) Protestant

C) Protestant

D) Catholic (This is the parish where the girls went with my MIL on Pentecost.)

E) Catholic!

Now here is a prize for Barb. It’s a rendering of The Last Supper in stone, which actually is just outside of Church A (Holy Name Catholic Church).

You might have trouble picking it up, though. Those Kansans are tough people!

5 thoughts on “Gather ‘Round, Everyone! (update #2 at bottom)

  1. I’m guessing Church D is Catholic since you didn’t totally get the name obscured.Then, A, B and C are Protestant. Definitely B is. Probably C as well. A is my “swing” church here.


  2. I was not happy that the link on A had no pictures. I really, really wish I’d gone back in and taken them in spite of the First Communicants and their families. It was beautiful. Side altars, GIGANTIC crucifix, Tabernacle front and center, altar BOYS who were kneeling at the Consecration, bells, stained glass (OH, it was stunning!), traditional cross-shaped church…and the Boy Scouts even have a woodworking shop downstairs called…are you ready? … the St. Joseph Place! :)I’ll post pictures of the doors, too. They were beautiful. If you poke around the link I put on A’s answer, you’ll notice the plethora of orthodox sites linked all over the place. Oh, and there were statues on the other side of the church from the Last Supper – the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Francis. It’s not the prettiest on the outside (not Gothic and fancy-like), but it was definitely pretty and definitely Catholic. I didn’t take pictures of the windows from outside because they weren’t quite the same unless the sunlight was streaming through.


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