Prayer Request

Our Respect Life Committee is having a Mother-Daughter Tea/May Crowning on May 12. We must presell tickets so we have a headcount and can buy the stuff we need for the tea.

So far, I have sold tickets to my family and my friend and her daughter.

This weekend is our second attempt at ticket sales, and our last chance to sell them.

Please pray for the success of this event so that we will not have so much trouble holding it again next year.

For details on what the Respect Life Committee been up to at our parish, you can read this old post from March.

I thank you in advance for your prayers.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. Chris, I guess you advertised in your parish bulletin right? Just be right outside the church. They do that here. They usually have a table and sign and tickets sell pretty quickly. I will be praying though.


  2. Oh, yes. We did advertise and will be in our “commons” (read: narthex) selling this weekend. But it’s our first try, and I am praying that it is successful so that we can do it annually without any problems. I’d hate for it to fall flat and wind up not being able to do it next year. Our little committee has been a bit of a red-headed step child in our parish, but I am approaching all things as if everyone will throw open doors to help me. So far, so good. Only one snag on the tea, and I’m sure I can do it better next year, provided I get the chance!


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