Little Girl is a Big Girl

Little Girl went out to the school parking lot with Hubby and Big Girl yesterday while I was wrapping up the mowing. Their mission: to teach Little Girl to ride her bike without training wheels.

She came home after falling twice. First time, she scraped up her elbow, which caused her to cry out to Hubby, “I am NEVER riding my two-wheeler again!” She had ridden about 2 1/2 seconds.

Hubby wisely put her back on and got her going again.

She fell again, this time scraping up her belly through her shirt. More wailing and gnashing of teeth. “I am NEVER RIDING MY BIKE AGAIN!” This time, she had stayed up for about 5 seconds.

Again, Hubby encouraged her to get back on the bike. They started again, and Little Girl managed to stay on for 17 seconds! And the only reason she stopped was because she couldn’t turn and was going straight for the car. (Hubby grabbed her and stopped her.)

Today, we went out again, and this time Hubby parked farther away from the riding area.

And Little Girl did not fall one time. She even rode for more than three minutes, turning both left and right! (No NASCAR for her!) She had the BIGGEST grin on her face as she rode around us (we no longer needed to run alongside of her) and proclaimed, “I have a lot of perseverance!”

When we got home, Hubby removed her training wheels and put the kickstand from Big Girl’s old bike (which was the training bike at the school). It’s a big day here at the Soccer Family abode!

We are so proud of Little Girl!

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