I’m a Minivan Soccer Mom Again! (updated)

Yesterday, we went out to look at minivans. “We’ve been talking about it, and it’s raining too much to do deckwork today, so let’s go after lunch,” was our reasoning.

Okay. So we test-drove three minivans at the Dodge dealership, and wound up buying one! Hubby had to go back home and pick up the car we were trading in (my Nana’s old car that we got two years ago). I’ll be dropping off the title tomorrow because no one thought to grab it in all the excitement.

The only couple of things that were a must were the 3.8L engine (we’re talking Daimler-Chrysler here) and the Stow-N-Go seating. I really, really wanted that seating. Aside from that, things we kind of wanted but wouldn’t turn it down if it didn’t have were integrated DVD system, power doors, and a towing package. (It would be nice to have two vehicles with which to tow our pope up tramper.) Things that we kind of dreamed about being able to get in it were a power seat for the driver, a satellite-ready radio (I have Sirius in my Jeep), and that nifty console between the front seats.

What we found was a 2005 that had only been brought to the dealership within the last three days with everything above (except the towing package), PLUS a navigation system, dual heated power seats, a sunroof (!!), and leather seats! Holy mackeral! And it was less than what Edmund’s online said it should be (that Crackberry comes in handy, you know). Oh, and they gave us a lot more than we expected for our trade-in Ford Focus. All in all, it was an excellent deal.

I kind of thought we might wind up buying something yesterday, but I was a bit taken aback that we managed to shop for and purchase a car in a mere five hours! The kids don’t think that five hours was a short time, but it felt a little like it was to me. And in that time, we drove three different minivans, compared them side-by-side, and went through the whole deal and purchase thing.

The picture above is what our van looks like. The color is Atlantic Blue (though it’s not called that any more). I can’t say just how pleased I am to have a blue car again! My last three cars have been red, and all I’ve wanted is another blue car. And though I’d prefer Yankees blue, I’ll take the Magic blue that my new van is. 🙂

I really ought to look into having to blessed this week, though I’ve never had any vehicles blessed. Maybe we should just have Father R. over for dinner so we can get all kinds of blessings on everything vehicular.

UPDATE: I think I should mention that I talk about the bells and whistles on this van, not because I want to boast about it, but because I am stunned at the things that we are blessed with. This car has WAY more to it than I had hoped for us to be able to afford, and yet we were able to afford it. We paid much less than it is listed for on Edmund’s (even the dealer retail prices, mind you), probably because Chrysler/Dodge has a glut of minivans that they haven’t been able to sell as fast as they make them. (Their contract with the guys who build them says they pay them whether or not the union is busy building minivans. If you’re paying them anyway, might as well get some productivity, right? But sales were slower than they thought this year, so the deals are amazing!) So because they are selling brand-new minivans for the same price as dealer retail is on used ones, they are also lowering prices on the used ones.

So, basically, what I wanted to say in this update is that I am not trying to boast, but to show my amazement as God’s mercy and His blessings, which are so profound. Even in little things, like buying a car, He cares for us. It’s just wonderful! HE is just wonderful!

One thought on “I’m a Minivan Soccer Mom Again! (updated)

  1. Cool! I always want a blue car but hardly ever get one. My van is “Eagles green” to the delight of Big Brother. My favorite thing is the heated seats. And the satellite radio. I’m all about the creature comforts :)Enjoy the new ride!


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