Brain Teaser (UPDATED)

First update is below. Next update will be later this evening.

UPDATE #2: Barb, SFO, got the answer. See comments for her answer. In the meantime, I put the other two clues up.

Next brain teaser will definitely be more difficult. 🙂

By the Time I Get to Pheonix

One day Nick boasted to his friend, Frank, that he had once driven an automobile from coast to coast in less than twenty-four hours. Naturally, Frank realizes that Nick has finally stretched the truth to the breaking point. Frank offers his boastful buddy five thousand dollars if Nick can cuplicate his miraculous driving feat. Although it pained him greatly to do so, Frank conceded defeat as soon as Nick explained how it could be done.

What was Nick’s explanation?

Clues will be revealed throughout the day.

Clue 1:

Q: Did Nick plan to make this drive in another country?

A: No.

Clue 2:

Q: Could Nick have actually performed this feat if Frank had asked him to?

A: Yes.

Clue 3:

Q: Could the average person have accomplished this task?

A: Yes.

Leave your best guesses in the comboxes. (This one is actually not that hard, IMO.)

4 thoughts on “Brain Teaser (UPDATED)

  1. I thought of that, but I didn’t think it worked, as both coasts are still the Atlantic. Maybe that’s nitpicking. :)Thirty years ago, the Panama Canal Zone was US territory, and it would have been a piece of cake.


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