Pretty Celery

When I cut celery for snacks a couple weeks ago, I thought this was really pretty. As amazing as this might seem to some of you, I’d never cut a whole stalk of celery before. 🙂

I’m still slowly gaining strength back from that nasty flu, by the way. I’ve got a terrible cough that makes my diaphragm hurt, and I’m going to the doctor because my mother reminded me that many bouts with bronchitis as a child plus two bouts with pneumonia (once at 18 months and once while pregnant with Big Girl) means that I am more at risk for getting something bad like that again.

So the girls and I are off with math in hand (and Harry Potter – book four!) to sit at the doctor’s office this afternoon.

And I’ve GOT to do something about the laundry or we’ll all be going commando!

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