Homeschooling = Physical and Sexual Abuse?

Maureen Wittmann had a post up about a homeschooling mother of seven who is being harrassed by a judge. No, it’s not another family in Germany (where you can go to jail for homeschooling your children, thanks to Hitler’s law that has remained on the books), it’s in New Jersey!

Seems that the father, who is recently estranged from his wife, has decided that he wants the kids in parochial school, and the judge is willing to break the law by putting new requirements on the mother. But the thing that really takes the cake is this beaut:

The judge criticized the NJ law and lamented the fact that it upholds the rights of parents to home-school their children without interference from the government. Implying that children being educated by their parents are unsupervised, the judge stated, “This is shocking to the court. In this day and age where we seek to protect children from harm and sexual predators, so many children are left unsupervised.”

The judge continued, “In today’s threatening world, where we seek to protect children from abuse, not just physical, but also educational abuse, how can we not monitor the educational welfare of all our children?” He then gave the case of a recently found starving child locked “in a putrid bedroom” as an example of what happens when home-schooled children are not “registered and supervised.”

Pardon me, but did this man just make a blanket statement comparing homeschoolers to sexual predators and child abusers? Did he really just say that??

Pray for this family, please, and while you’re at it pray for the judge. Obviously, the guy has some issues. Plus, he doesn’t seem to understand his role in government, which is to uphold the actual law, not manipulate the law to create one he likes better.

What do you have to say?

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