Crown of Thorns

In my Lenten Bleg post, I mentioned that I wanted to make a crown of thorns for Lent. Esther was kind enough to remind me that the project was posted at Elena’s blog, and I snatched the recipe right quick and we made the crown last night. Already, the girls are trying to figure out ways to pull out thorns.

Here are some pictures of the project.

4 cups of flour and 1 cup of salt

Ready to brew some strong tea (I used just under two cups) to make the dough. Tea was used for color.

Toothpicks cut in half. I had more than 100 of these tiny things for the girls to poke into the dough.

The toughest part was braiding it!

Finished product after cooking for more than an hour at 300 degrees (pre-heated). **SPECIAL NOTE** You will want to let it cool in the oven so that it doesn’t crack. Ours sat overnight and was still not completely cool, but close enough.

It’s still a bit undercooked, but it will finish hardening over the next day or so.

3 thoughts on “Crown of Thorns

  1. Apparently for focusing the camera. I tried repeatedly to take another picture after I moved them out of the way, and I could NOT get my camera to focus, which meant that every picture would be fuzzy if I tried to take it. blech.I actually have a funny story about the vampire fangs…Big Girl brought them with us to my Nana’s house, and she brushed her teeth for bed the first night, put them in, and asked my grandmother to “check” her teeth to see if they were clean. Being the drama queen that she is, Nana promptly pulled a faint in her chair after letting out a decent scream. (She was kidding, and laughed uproariously when she sat back up. I didn’t want you to think that Big Girl had killed my 86-year-old grandma!)


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