Update on Meanest Woman Award

Yesterday, the girls were in better spirits. I guess they woke up thinking, “How can Mommy REALLY throw away our favorite toys?”

After breakfast, I let them know that most of school was going to be writing. Little Girl had to write “I will obey Mommy and Daddy” 25 times. Big Girl had to write it 50. When they were finished with that, I said, and they apologized, then they could (a) have back their toys, and (b) watch TV or movies with the family.

Little Girl was the happiest penatent I’ve ever seen. “I want to write my sentences!” She will be such a joyful confessor, I’m sure. Just a little under two years for that! She apologized as soon as I said I expected it, finished writing before dinner, and went to bed snuggling Brown Cinderella Bear happily.

Big Girl didn’t quite finish yesterday, but put her page on a clipboard on her desk. “That way, I can make my bed in the morning and do it right away,” she informed us. She went to bed without Baby, but with a smile, knowing that she’ll get her back sometime today.

And, though Big Girl still has a few doubts that I really loved her when I threatened to throw away Baby, she isn’t angry any more. Oh, and she apologized before going to sleep, too.

Life was good once again!

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