The Meanest Woman in the World

That is what Big Girl just called me about half an hour ago. You see, about an hour ago, I sent the girls up to brush teeth and pick up the toys they’d left on the floor. There weren’t a lot, so when I heard them fooling around, I figured that they’d done what I’d asked and they were just jumping around and being silly.

When I went upstairs, I discovered that they were not in their room (which was fine) and that they had not picked up a SINGLE TOY in their room (which was NOT fine).

So I calmly got a trash back and started picking up for them. *wicked grin*

You have to understand that lately they have been completely ignoring me when I ask them to do something. So I decided that actions have consequences (actually God decided that) and that I’d show them some consequences.

Among the toys to go into the trash bag were their very best and favorite lovies, Baby and Brown Cinderella Bear. We cannot go on a trip without them. When we were being packed, Brown Cinderella Bear was accidentally put into a box, and we had to go to Target at ten o’clock at night to buy a substitute (which has been given down to the next cousin born since then). We have had near-hysterics over not finding Baby in time for bed.

Needless to say, when Big Girl stated, “I think I left Baby downstairs,” and I answered, “No, I think she’s in the trash now,” immediate zero-to-sixty hysterics ensued.

Little Girl snuggled up under the covers and smiled up at me sweetly. “What about Brown Cinderella Bear?” she asked. “She’s with Baby.”

Again, zero-to-sixty.

I calmly stated that we’d discuss it more in the morning, that my mind isn’t made up. I kissed them both, repeatedly informed them that, no, I still love them (that is a first!), but that they have to pay the consequences. “We’ll talk about Baby and Brown Cinderella Bear in the morning.”

And so I am now The Meanest Woman in the World. And I guess I will remain so until the Big Discussion tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “The Meanest Woman in the World

  1. Believe me, when they say you’re mean, it’s a compliment. Been there, plenty of times. Now my heartlessness in such matters is legendary.I have found, though, that more drama ensues from my daughter than from my son (Little Brother is still small enough to cause plenty of drama). But Big Brother just accepts this as a matter of course.


  2. I actually tried not to laugh. Once they were settled, I called my mother and said she was no longer The Meanest Woman in the World. She laughed and asked what had I done to dethrone her. ;)They’ll get the lovies back today (after breakfast), but they’ll be writing “I will obey Mommy and Daddy” a lot (Little Girl, 25; Big Girl 50).Between that and the night spent thinking that maybe, just maybe, Mommy might be mean enough to throw away their lovies, perhaps they’ll mind a bit better. (Really, they are good girls, but they’ve been slow to listen lately. Maybe Confession is in order for all of us, Little Girl excluded for now.)


  3. I heard you had done that. I remember when Mom would do that to us. Didn’t we say we weren’t going to do things like Mom did when we were little??? Ha Ha I have done it, too. Love ya!!


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