Love Quiz (UPDATED)

(UPDATE: Christina let me know that she changed the title of the quiz and the url. Both have been fixed.)

Christina Martin has a GREAT love quiz up. (She calls it “Time to Hitch that Horse to a Carriage? A quiz for the ladies“.)

It’s not the questions (which I’ll snag to post here), it’s the ANSWERS that are so fantastic! After reading these, head over to the rest of the post and check out her evaluation of the answers.

Answer each question as honestly as you can. Then read below to find out how to score. Don’t peek ahead!

The Questions

1. Do you feel ready for marriage?

2. Is he good marriage material?

3. Does he inspire you to be a better person?

4. Do you inspire him to be a better person?

5. How does he feel about having children?

6. What things about him would you like to change?

7. Does he lift heavy things for you?

8. Are you physically attracted to him?

9. Does he admire you ridiculously?

10. Is he the one you can’t live without, that you are absolutely certain you can spend a whole life with?

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