A Smorgasborg of Links

I have a bunch of older posts that I’ve saved on my Bloglines account, some of which are just there to be shared, others that I’ve saved to read later. Here are a bunch of them.

1. Catholic Pillow Fight had this fantastic quote:

Therefore, in the Catholic view, the use of genital sexuality should be limited to the married, not because ‘sex is dirty and we have to limit the spread of it’, but because ‘sex is holy and the use of it outside of Matrimony is a desecration.’

To the Catholic eye, it’s as if someone said, “Gee, you must really hate people eating those little round pieces of bread – you have all these rules about who can get them, and you lock away the leftover ones in a box so that nobody can get at them otherwise ! Why not just let them lie around, so that anybody can have a snack whenever they want ?” — Donna Marie Lewis

2. The Anchoress posted a few videos of old-school gymnasts.

3. I haven’t gotten to read these yet, but I really like Maureen Wittmann, which is why I bookmarked this post from Nancy Brown.

4. Ignatius Insight (the blog for Ignatius Press) had a slew of goodies recently.

a. How converts see the Blessed Mother. (Chesterson!)
b. Fantasy and philosophy in the writings of Tolkien and Lewis.
c. The never-ending Left Behind series.
d. Were the Dark Ages really all that dark?
e. Evangelicals are beginning to see Mary as more than a prop at Christmastime.
f. George Weigel comments on ad orientum.

(Whew! I’ve got some catching up to do at Ignatius!)

5. Ironic Catholic reminds us to nominate Catholic blogs for the annual Catholic Blogging awards. (I am totally not fishing for compliments here. See my blogroll for some very worthy blogs.)

6. Musings from a Catholic Bookstore gives us a list of 100 books every Catholic parish library should have. I wonder how many our parish has?

7. Joel would like to vote for this guy.

8. Jay has a link to an interview with Sam Brownback.

9. Paul has a video that will have your jaw hanging open. Ever wonder about why your kids can’t add or multiply easily? I’m glad I homeschool!

10. The Ward Wide Web has a post up about how the Mass is a mini-Catechism. I have only skimmed it so far, but I’ll be saving it to finish reading later.

Golly, there’s more, but I have things to do today!

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