Accidental Science Experiments

I bought a bunch of potatoes for Thanksgiving, but didn’t use all of them. I also bought a Chernobyl Sweet Potato to make mashed sweet potatoes, but I never really got around to it. When I went into the pantry for an onion last night for beef fajitas, I discovered this:

The kids were fascinated! Big Girl was a bit disappointed that we didn’t save them for planting so we could grow our own potatoes and sweet potatoes. Aside from reading Farmer Boy, I haven’t ever learned how potatoes are planted or grown. But this looked VERY cool!

2 thoughts on “Accidental Science Experiments

  1. Yeah, you should have planted them Chris. I did and I have the loveliest Sweet Potato plant in a Chinese pot. I actually harvested very sweet, sweet potatoes. The potatoes however, were very bitter.


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