Carl Olson is a Funny Guy

You’ve got to love someone who can write a sentence like this:

If Nancy Pelosi is a devout Catholic, then, well, I’m a devout left-handed, neo-Marxist, lesbian Buddhist who loves pro wrestling and walks on the beach.

Please be sure to go read the rest.

3 thoughts on “Carl Olson is a Funny Guy

  1. To clarify, in case my comment caused any confusion or scandal:• I am a lifelong Male Lesbian: I am a man who is happily married to my beautiful wife.• I would be a Buddhist, but I don’t believe Buddhism exists.• I have nothing against left hands. I have one myself and have always enjoyed using it for a wide range of tasks.• Actually, come to think of it, I love pro walking and wrestling on the beach.Thanks! 😉 Carl


  2. He is hilarious. I continue to laugh about his reference to a post about the ridiculousness in the Episcopal Church as good reading for “those who are fascinated by trainwrecks, political correctness, and grand, heretical nonsense.” A perfect encapsulation of the situation.


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