Total Geek Alert!

So, for Christmas, I got a gift card to Barnes & Noble from my bosses. (I have a very part-time job teaching baby sign language – well, really ASL to parents of children 6 months to two years.)

Today, we went to B&N to spend my money. I was really happy because for the next week, I get 25% off anything I buy there because I am a teacher! (Homeschoolers, check it out! Usually, I only get 10% off my classroom stuff, but there are occasional specials for teachers. B&N can give you details on how to sign up.)

Hubby and I discussed what we could get, and one thing we wanted was a Players’ Handbook for D&D. Yes, I am trying to get REALLY White and Nerdy by learning to play Dungeons and Dragons. After reading The Lord of the Rings, I decided that perhaps this would be a neat game to learn. So Hubby has been trying to teach me when we have enough time to sit and play for a while. And recently, he got the idea to create Catholic campaigns where we’d use cleric characters. (I almost understand what I’m typing here, you know.) And today, I thought how neat it would be to modify D&D to create campaigns specific to the Crusades. And to make it friendly for the girls to play, too. This means downplaying some of the more mystical and magical stuff and playing up things more related to God. (D&D is based on LOTR, and Tolkien was Catholic – devoutly so – and so I don’t believe this will be too much of a stretch.)

So anyway…I’ve had LOTR on my mind today.

And then I found a link to this at Joel’s blog. Helm’s Deep, to scale.

In candy.

Hubby says that some people have too much time on their hands. I say this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! (Oh, there is a slight language alert. Just a couple of words, but one is the F-bomb. Just a word of warning in case the kids are around.)

But it’s still VERY cool!

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