Off-Line All Week

I’m off with the girls to visit my Nana in New Jersey this week, so I won’t be blogging.

All five of you need to find something else to do until Saturday (or later!), ‘cuz I’ll be gone ’til Friday night.

5 thoughts on “Off-Line All Week

  1. Barb, I thought of that. I really did! Next time, I’ll email you in advance and we’ll get together. The girls and I are going to visit a few places that are meaningful to me (my old house, my elementary school, etc.), plus my grandmother will be giving them a tour of the First Aid Squad where she usually volunteers. (She took this week off to hang with us…we’re just so cool!)I didn’t expect four comments, though! I hope a fifth person comments, or I’ll have to re-evaluate how large my readership really is! LOL-Christine (on Nana’s computer)


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