The Nativity Movie

Many in St. Blog’s have been all over this movie like white on rice. And much of the hoo-ha is surrounding Mary and whether or not she experienced labor pains and whether or not this movie is good enough for Catholics.

Esther had a post up about a good review of the movie. I’d like to point you to another, at First Things (scroll down to the second movie review in the article). I would really like to see this movie, but I’m not sure we’ll make it out without the kids. We’ll have to see.

Finally, I decided to post here my own answer to Esther’s comments, because I just want to vent a bit.

I am so tired of some of the people in St. Blog’s being so danged sensitive that they cannot give credit to anyone for making a movie about the Nativity that isn’t perfectly Catholic. They honor Mary, make her obviously different than anyone else, and that isn’t enough.

I wonder if they also boycott “Jesus of Nazareth” because Mary obviously goes through labor pains in that, too.

Sheesh, people…Protestants are Christians, too. And a lot of them love the Lord very much and want to give glory and honor to Him however they can. Is your carping on tiny theological points like this going to help bring unity to the Church, or are you just chiseling away on your side of the big wall?

2 thoughts on “The Nativity Movie

  1. I was pretty impressed that Middle Sister’s school has planned a field trip for Monday to take the 5th graders (her class) to see this movie.I think it will open the door for conversations with her about Mary, and her example to us all. For that, I’m grateful.


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