Ten-Year-Old Demons, Twelve-Year-Old Slutty Witches

It’s distressing to see how many young children – and I’m talking elementary and perhaps young middle school kids – are dressed up for Halloween in costumes that are purely evil or purely slutty. I saw tiny ladybugs and duckies burst into terrified tears at Hubby’s office today when the ten and eleven year olds with the blood-oozing, skeletal-looking, screaming-ghost-face masks came around the corner. One dad escorted his two daughters, one was a little witch and the older one – perhaps 12 – was in a miniskirt with little swathes of fabric hanging from it, low-cut top, colorful wig, FISHNET STOCKINGS, and what would have been called Go Go boots when I was a kid. She was a teenaged witch, I guess. Heavy makeup, too.

The second time she walked by (with her DAD!), Hubby and I looked at each other and said at the same time, “Never.”

Seriously, people, do you have ANY clue when it comes to this? When I was a kid, costumes were of superheros, cartoon characters, and fairy tales. Ghosts and witches were there, too, but no bloody skeleton heads with strands of creepy, long, black hair hanging off the top were available to children. Heck, I don’t remember much of that for adults! No one would dream of dressing their elementary-aged daughters up in “witch” costumes that look more like something a hooker would wear!

Meanwhile, Big Girl was Shelob and Little Girl was Saint Scholastica. Big Girl caught Mass yesterday on EWTN and learned about taking back our Holy Day, and she’ll be searching for a saint to dress up as for next year.

I’ll have pictures of Shelob up later, but I’m not sure I’ll put up the pictures of Little Girl. You can see her face too easily, and I’m skittish about that. You’ll see why Big Girl gets her mug on the web, though, when you see what she looked like.

Now it’s off to put the little angels to bed.

One thought on “Ten-Year-Old Demons, Twelve-Year-Old Slutty Witches

  1. How about you get a life and stop trying to dictate to other people what they should wear or what colour their hair (fake or not) should be. The kind of stuff you’ve said creeps me out – how in the hell can you consider a CHILD slutty? Fucking weird


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