Halloween (updated)

It’s picture time!

Here is Big Girl as Shelob. The top one is outside our home, the bottom one is at Hubby’s office.

Little Girl dressed as Saint Scholastica. The costume is actually one I made for Big Girl about three years ago, so she could be St. Teresa of Avila for All Saints’ Day at our parish. (This was before I realized that some nuns wear something aside from black!) We searched for what order wears black and then for a saint in that order. Viola! The Benedictines do, and Saint Scholastica was! Little Girl rehearsed telling people who Scholastica was, but few asked her much past, “Who are you?” or “Are you a singing nun?” or “Is she the flying nun?” (No, silly, the flying nun wore white.) The habit is in rough shape these days because it is actually a very popular dress-up item in our house.

This one is, as Big Girl put it, Shelob trying to attack Saint Scholastica.

Both girls have expressed a desire to dress as saints next year, so we’ve got a whole year to learn about different women (and girls) who have been canonized. Hooray!

We’ll take back our night, little by little.

5 thoughts on “Halloween (updated)

  1. Oh my gosh, they are getting SO BIG!!! Little girl’s face is so pretty! Awwwww…BTW, I totally understand why you don’t want to post pictures of the girls’ faces, especially when we saw what Don went through with his little girl’s pictures. But you’re not among enemies here! i


  2. I know; they are growing up so fast! Big Girl is just that…a big girl. Ever since she turned 8, there is something about her. And Little Girl is already in Kindergarten, which is unbelievable to me. And she’s really blossomed, too. I’m so proud of my girls.(Oh, someone asked if we were getting her to practice with the nun outfit. We said yes, but that’s only because she has talked about being a nun when she grows up. Of course, she’s going to be an ice-skating-nun. But we still encourage her.)


  3. Hehehe…I’m a little bit late in making this comment. I actually did a google blog search for “St. Scholastica,” because I’m trying to prepare for St. Scholastica’s Feast Day on Friday, and I was directed to your beautiful little blog!You did a wonderful job with the St. Scholastica costume! It brought a big smile to my face, especially because if God ever blesses me with children and I have a girl I’d like to name her Scholastica. If the little girl wants some ideas for next year, St. Elizabeth of Hungary is a fun one. It’s pretty easy to get ahold of a Queen/Princess costume, and she can hand out roses to everyone!Pax et Bonum,Chiara 🙂


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