Missourah’s Amendment and the Great Battle of the GooTube Video Ads

First, there was the manipulative Michael J. Fox’s ad for Clare McCaskill. (The “Missourah” thing was an obvious move to pander to people, and I’d bet it backfired.)

Yup, Scrapple Face. Scott Ott rocks!

On a slightly more serious note, please pray for a defeat of this amendment. It would enshrine a great evil in the constitution of Missouri, and it would definitely affect everyone, no matter what state you live in. If it passes there, it will be coming to a state near you.

For an excellent discussion of the entire thing, head over to Mary Meets Dolly. Rebecca is the BOMB! (Is that still a good thing? I’m not sure any more…I’m getting old.) She outlines very clearly the difference between embryo research and adult stem cell research (which is ethical and moral and is supported by Pro Lifers everywhere, including the Catholic Church).

Videos above not working? Click below to view each one:

Fox video
Rebuttal video
Political Pit Bull video
Michael J. Embryo video

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