Medjugorje "Visionaries" Disobey Bishop

Well, the “litmus test” has been taken, and failed. Dawn Eden has reported that the “visionaries” of Medjugorje are continuing to proclaim visions in spite of the fact that their bishop has asked them to stop.

New Advent’s blog had this to say back in July (with a hat tip to Jimmy Aiken):

There have been good fruits in Medjugorje, such as possible healings, an apparent increase in conversions and renewed attention to prayer and the sacraments. But there have also been numerous bad fruits — including the following situation, described last weekend by the local ordinary, Bishop Ratko Peric:

[I]n this local Church of Mostar-Duvno, there exists something similar to a schism. A number of priests that have been expelled from the Franciscan OFM Order by the Generalate of the Order, due to their disobedience to the Holy Father, for years now have been forcefully keeping a few parish churches and rectories along with church inventory. They have not only been illegally active in these parishes, but they have also administered the sacraments profanely, while others invalidly, such as Confession and Confirmation, or they have assisted at invalid marriages.

This type of anti-ecclesial behaviour is shocking to all of us. At the same time, this scandal of sacrilegiously administering the sacraments, especially of the Most Holy Body of Christ, must shock all the faithful as well who invalidly confess their sins to these priests and participate in sacrilegious liturgies. We pray to the Lord that this scandal and schism be uprooted as soon as possible from our midst.

Fortunately, Bishop Peric has just given us all a way to judge for ourselves:

Therefore I responsibly call upon those who claim themselves to be “seers”, as well as those persons behind the “messages”, to demonstrate ecclesiastical obedience and to cease with these public manifestations and messages in this parish. In this fashion they shall show their necessary adherence to the Church, by neither placing private “apparitions” nor private sayings before the official position of the Church.

It’s a simple litmus test in the Church, confirmed by centuries of practical experience: if the apparitions are true, they’ll stop now.

And one commenter summed things up well when he said this:

The visions at Medjugorje are really vexacious. Many things draw some belief from me and from many in the truth of the apparitions, but I would certainly stop believing in the supernatural possibility of these events if disobedience to the Church really occurs. It is only Satan who can inspire disobedience to the Church of Christ so flagrantly as whown by the examples quoted above. Our Lady only inspires humility, and therefore obedience, and not otherwise.

Another brought up this point:

Our Lady recognizes the authority of the Church. At Lourdes, Fatima, and in Mexico, she told those to whom she appeared to obey those over them in the Church – even when it seemed to be disrespectful to her personally.

She doesn’t seem to consider her legitimate messages from her Son to be more important than her Son’s Church, and I think that this is a very good test of whether this is really she.

2 thoughts on “Medjugorje "Visionaries" Disobey Bishop

  1. Is the churches teaching not that private revelation can be a genuine help in understanding the gospel and should not be disregarded. But also that one is not obliged to use. Therefore is it the bishop that is being disobedient in declaring them to stop, if all the apparitions are is "private revelation"??


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