Little Girl’s Diorama

Little Girl also did a book report/diorama. Hers is trascribed below. I helped her with more of hers than I did for Big Girl. (For example, Little Girl needed some help with cutting out the people so that they were close-cut, and I helped glue things into the box a little bit.)

This is Jack and Annie with General Washington as he prepares to cross the Deleware (or has just crossed?) on Christmas. We used sticks from a branch that fell off our tree to make the trees after we decided we didn’t know how to draw good trees without leaves. Jack is running towards Annie, who is talking to General Washington.

Revolutionary War on Wednesday

by Mary Pope Osborne

In this book Jack and Annie go to the time of the Revolutionary War. They try to find something to send. They help General Washington. I liked this book because the time travel was cool.

Little Girl hasn’t got her lower case letters down just yet, and I think she actually left out the “g” in Washington’s name, but she dictated the report to me as I wrote on the board. She then copied what I had on the board onto lined paper. For her second report, it’s very good. She is really enjoying doing various book reports, and she reads about as much as her sister does, which is to say, a lot!

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