And Yet Another Reason for Homeschooling

I’ve lost count of the number of reasons to homeschool. (Of course, reason #1 is that it’s my vocation to do so…)

Check out what’s happening in New York:

In upstate New York, when Batavia High School students showed up for science class this Fall, their teacher had gone from Paul to Paula, so to speak.

The school district had known since last December that they would have to deal with this teacher’s transgender issues, but decided wait until only a week before classes started to spring the news on the students and parents.

*shudder* has the rest.

2 thoughts on “And Yet Another Reason for Homeschooling

  1. what about the option of just attending a private school?or maybe to actually research the public school before attending.there’s more to it than just oh my gosh, the teacher wants to be a woman. its not like thats everywhere, you know.and although with homeschooling, you get to be overprotective about what your child can and can not handle, its obvious you dont have any faith in what youve been teaching them personally, and their ability to take the responsibilty into their own hands to make the right thing is fact, you cant change how this world is as easily as removing your child from interacting with it. but you can teach them how to handle it, and them take their own path, and trust that they will come to you for help, and make the right decisions.with homeschooling, you may take satisfaction in keeping them under your thumb, but it isnt going to help them when they actually have to get out into that world and just be them. no social development, or coping with stress or nothing. thats gonna be a big slap of a reality shock when the time comes.thats all i’m going to say about that.


  2. Yeah, you’re right. No social skills. Because homeschoolers lock their children in closets and such and don’t let them out into the world.Seriously, I taught in public schools, and I can confidently say that my children not only get more socialization than public school (or private school children), but they are also better socialized and are better at socialization than most public school children. They’ve got manners that even my god daughter can lack (and she’s a really good kid), and they know how to behave and interact with a wide range of ages. They routinely get together with other kids from newborns through high schoolers. They’re involved in sports, dance, story time at the library, field trips galore, and more. Until recently, we were regulars at our YMCA where they got to play with kids at the child watch while Hubby and I took classes occasionally. While you see it as me keeping them under my thumb, I see it as protecting them from things that, frankly, they are not ready for. Planned Parenthood sponsored sex ed, low expectations in class (let me tell you, they’d be bored out of their skulls in a “regular” classroom, and once-a-week “gifted” classes are not going to help), poorly trained teachers who are impossible to fire… I know very well that there are good teachers out there. But, as I already said, I was a public school teacher for a while, and I worked at a community college after that, so I got a chance to see the end result of public education. Not pretty. Also, the number one reason I homeschool is because it’s my vocation. I am called to do so. I take it pretty seriously, too. Not every is called to it, and plenty of kids come out fine from public school, but for me and my family, it’s not what we are called to do. Again, my kids are not overprotected to the point that they aren’t able to function in life. They’re a whole lot more confident that I was at their ages. But I am protecting them (and, most importantly, their souls) from corrupting influences. When they are old enough to handle it, and I’ve had a chance to teach them what they need to know to make their way through a world that is especially hostile towards them because of their Faith, then they can get more exposure to that stuff. In the meantime, I’m taking very seriously my duty to protect them from harm, and that includes their precious souls.


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