Dinner Conversation

I went to an afternoon tea at a friend’s house on Sunday while my husband stayed home with the girls. It was an all-female, all-adult occasion because my friend’s husband took their children (and the children of their visiting friends) out to a movie. They all went to see Barnyard, which was given a good review by all. (There is a really sad part, though, that made the kids all cry, but I think they’ll all be okay.)

At dinner that night, I mentioned that the G-rated movie was given a thumbs-up by the fathers as well as the children. (We are all bemused, though, that the city-folk who made the movie seem unaware that cows and bulls are not different species.) Of course, all of this information combined with them seeing the trailer when we went to see Cars has made the movie even more desirable to them. They are both asking to go see it.

My husband, though, teased them both.

“Go see Barnyard? What for? Who wants to see a silly movie with talking animals?”

Our older daughter, nearly 8, answered, “I love talking animals! I’m all about talking animals!”

After her father nearly spit his pizza out trying not to laugh, she expanded on her “all about” theme:

“I’m all about talking animals, I’m all about sports, I’m all about bungee jumping from a blimp!”

Then, arms spread, she hopped up from her chair and demonstrated the final one:

“Whoosssssssshhhhhhhh….BAM!!” with her hand slapping the table to emphasize the final part.

I was laughing WAY too hard to say anything, but my husband managed, “Um, honey. You arne’t supposed to hit the ground when you bungee jump…”

One thought on “Dinner Conversation

  1. Sorry for removing the comment. First names are a no-no as far as the children are concerned. :)And, no, I don’t think that Big Girl should be allowed to get her cousins to bungee jump from anything as long as I’m on this earth.


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